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International Conference website

As a world-leading multidisciplinary conference CPDP offers the cutting edge in legal, regulatory, academic and technological development in privacy and data protection. Within an atmosphere of independence and mutual respect, CPDP gathers academics, lawyers, practitioners, policy-makers, industry and civil society from all over the world in Brussels, offering them an arena to exchange ideas and discuss the latest emerging issues and trends. 

How does it work?

One site, one platform, one designer, up to 10 content editors collaborate on this huge site (500+ pages)

Client(s) and designer work together

Up to 10 content editors can edit, add, hide, prepare, publish simultanious

A CMS driven site

The Content Management System generates a pre-designed page for every panel, speaker or event.

From S to XXL

CPDP2019 offered 90 panel sessions with 440 international speakers from academia, public and private sectors and civil society.


De Debatten is een initiatief van de Vrije Universiteit Brussel dat experten bijeenbrengt en publieksdebatten organiseert. Het is als Nederlandstalig forum een vaste waarde onder rechtsfilosofen en rechtshistorici uit de Lage Landen en een groeiende waarde binnen de wereld van de politieke filosofie.

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